Best Soil Recipe For Succulents

Three most commonly asked questions about the succulents are

  • How do I water my Succulents?
  • What is the best soil for my succulents?
  • what is the lighting requirement for my succulents?

Well out of all the three the most sort after question is what is the best soil for my succulents? To answer this question lets first understand what a succulent is so that we can answer its needs easily.

Best soil for succulents
What is the best soil for succulents?


Succulents are cute looking plants that can can bring in brightness to your work place, tabletop, window sill and these plants are the best suited for miniature gardens and to make a terrarium. This plants have some parts that are thickened, in order to retain water, these plants can store water in various places such as leaves, stems, roots etc. The word succulent comes from a Latin word sucus Meaning juice or sap. so now that we have understood what a succulent is lets understand what is the best soil for the succulents?

What is the best soil for Succulents?


To understand which soil is best suited for succulents, we need to understand why is soil important so plants

  • Soil holds the roots and anchors the plant firmly and secures it from natural forces like wind, rain and heat
  • Soil holds water and other nutrients that are needed for the healthy growth of he plants
  • A good soil should have tiny pockets of spaces to trap air which is very essential for the plant to stay healthy.
  • Soil protects the roots form sudden changes in the temperatures.

Hence good soil means good root system which means healthy plants and a happy you.

Succulent soil mix in Chennai
What is the best soil for Succulents?

Succulent soil needs are a bit different when compared to other house plants, as we already know that Succulents store water which means that they cannot tolerate water stagnation. The four main ingredients that we use for the succulents are

  • Coco Peat
  • River sand
  • Perlite
  • Compost

We mix all the above ingredients in equal ratio and add a little amount of coal, Perlite is a volcanic mineral, light in weight and can hold water in it. Perlite when added to soil mix can create the necessary air pockets that are important to the plant during photosynthesis. While river sand on other side prevents the soil from becoming tight and helps in the faster growth of roots. Coming to compost it provides the required nutrients to the Succulents. And last but the best Coco Peat hols the moisture and maintains the dampness and maintains the texture of the soil mix.

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