Chlorophytum also known as the spider plant is a good house plant and is suitable for container gardening.

Spider plant benefits and care

Chlorophytum often called by the name spider plant or the ribbon plant is the most adoptive house plant, these plants are tolerant to a variety of conditions and can take maximum abuse and negligence. Spider plant has a dual color lush foliage, the leaves are generally long and ribbon shaped, a mature plant will have a long stock growing away from the plant and at the end there is a young plant known as the spiderette. A well maintained spider plant always has a promising fresh and  soothing look.

Chlorophytum also known as the spider plant is a good house plant and is suitable for container gardening.

Air purification:

Air purification is the best answer for the question – Why should we grow spider plants. Apart from the stunning looks and the lush green foliage, spider plant is capable of purifying the quality of indoor air and reducing air pollution. It is proven that spider plant has the capability of purifying 90 percent of potentially cancer causing chemicals such as formaldehyde that is freely present in the air.

Care for Spider plant:

Spider plant as mentioned above grows very easily even in an neglected environment, but with a little care by pruning the dead leaves and by maintaining the opt conditions you will see a promising result.


Any potting mix that has got a good drainage is good for the spider plant, this plant hates sitting on soggy or wet soil. The roots of the spider plant are tangled, thick and tuberous and they are more susceptible to root rot if they are exposed to moist soil for a long time.


Spider plant can easily develop root rot if exposed to more water, which is one of the most common risk for this plant. I suggest to water the plant once the top soil is totally dry. See to that you maintain a dry phase between wet phase, and make sure that water never stagnates in the pot. Less watering is also a cause for concern as it may lead to dry leaf tips which is known as leaf tip burn. Other causes for the leaf tip burn may be excess salts in water or over fertilization. If the cause of leaf tip burn is due to excess salts in water then switch to canned or bottled water.


Spider plant can grow in bight to moderate lighting but cannot survive in hot burning sun, they are best suitable for table tops, desk tops, window sill and balconies. See to that the plant is kept in a well ventilated area and care should be taken that the plant is never kept in a closed environment.


Spider plants are easy to propagate as discussed earlier spiderettes are the young plants and when they are potted they develop into a new plant. While taking a spiderette cutting see to that the young once has considerably good amount of roots developed already.


As other house plants even spider plant is more susceptible to common pests like Mealy Bugs, Spider Mites, White Flies, Aphids etc. Watching the plant carefully while watering and attending the plant immediately if the pest exists can give the plant long life.


Treating the plant with a common fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus is good for the general health of the plant. Spraying the fertilizer once in 15 days according to the given direction will keep the plant green and fresh.

Ideas for potting spider plant:

Spider plant will look more beautiful in any of the following arrangements.

Hanging baskets, Dish garden and in small planters made from ceramics for table or desk tops.


Buy spider plant online.




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