How to care for Aglaonema Snowflakes.

Aglaonema snowflakes or the snow white also known as the Chinese evergreen.

Aglaonema snowflake a.k.a Snow White a.k.a Chinese Evergreen

 The elaborate blending of color on the leaves is a delightful treat for every eye. Just as the name suggests this plant leaves have a snow flake design. No need to say this plant is a perfect example for house plants, that can take any kind of abuse, when planted in a designer container this plant will light up the entire area. This plant is the easiest to maintain of all the plants in this family.

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 Aglaonema plant needs a soil that can drain out fast as they do not tolerate to much of moisture any potting mix that has a good drainage is good for these plants. Any potting mix that is available in the market that is appropriate for the house plants can be used but for the batter results one can relay on home made mix as well that is  equal proportionate mix of peat with compost and river soil or the construction soil . Always keep in mind that this plant like other house plants does not like to sit on the moist soil.


When compared to other plants in this series snow white is a good plant and can take little bit of abuse from over watering, At the same time consent exposure to moist soil may lead to root rot a major problem with the house plants. I would suggest that you should see that the top layer that is the top 3 cm of the soil should be totally dry when you water the plant. See to that the plant is watered thoroughly when watered.

unnamed (3)Keeping the plant in the right place is always a challenge because when the plant gets the opt amount of light the the growth and the foliage is wonderful. This plant needs indirect sunlight and can grow good in indoors as well where there is adequate natural lighting. If exposed to mild morning or evening sun there is no farm but the plant cannot tolerate mid noon sun which is very hot.


Fertilizing the plant with a liquid fertilizer once in 15-20 days will keep the plant fresh and healthy occasionally treating the plant with Epsom salt is also welcome


This plant is susceptible to all the pests that attack house plants like White flies, Mealy bugs, Aphids etc. So while watering check out for the creepy stuff and if present attend them immediately.

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