Jade plant care and online sales

How to care for Elephant Bush Plant.

Jade plant care and online sales

Portulacaria Afra a.k.a Elephant Bush a.k.a Miniature Jade

This plant finds its place in various ways as it can be used in making terrariums, dish gardening, Miniature gardening, Fairy gardens and last but not the least it finds its place in a hanging planter keeping its spectacular spilling capability  in mind. this plant grows fast and is a bushing type succulent with woody stems. Given the proper nourishment and care this is a show stunner. This plant can be trained even by a beginners.

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Elephant Bush plant needs a soil that can drain out fast as they do not tolerate to much of moisture any potting mix that has a good drainage is good for these plants. Click here to find about the soil requirements of this plant.


This is a succulent and the watering care for this plant is just like other succulents and does not tolerate excess watering and is more susceptible to root rot when over watered, which is one of the major problem with the Elephant bush plant. I would suggest that you should see that the top layer, that is the top 3 cm of the soil should be totally dry when you water the plant. See to that the plant is watered thoroughly when watered.

unnamed (3)This plant is a fast grower and can cover the planter with in no time but when kept in suitable conditions . I suggest that this plant does good at a place that gets morning sun light for about 2-3 hours and the area is well lit and ventilated over the rest of the day. A eastern window sill or balcony is  opt and idle place for this plant, I have seen in many blogs terming this plant to be indoor and can grow in less lighting but as per my knowledge I will surely  not suggest that.


Fertilizing the plant with a liquid fertilizer once in 15-20 days will keep the plant fresh and healthy occasionally treating the plant with Epsom salt is also welcome


This plant is susceptible to all the pests that attack house plants like White flies, Mealy bugs, Aphids etc. So while watering check out for the creepy stuff and if present attend them immediately.

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