Lucky bamboo care

 Dracaena sanderiana more commonly known by the name lucky bamboo is a wonderful indoor plant that can grow in water as well as in soil. This plant can grow in medium to bright lighting conditions but will not tolerate direct sun light. This plant is a very easy to grow indoor and perfect for the first time growers or for the kids.

 Lucky Bamboo has been a part of Chinese culture for thousands of years but has really got popularity in the past 10- 15 years and is now commonly found globally . While talking about the good luck and the prosperity the plant brings I do not want to comment on that but while talking about the ease of growing the, yes it is a plant that you should never miss.


As already discussed this plant can grow without direct sun light, it needs bright light to have fast and healthy growth, but when kept in dark areas the growth will be stunted. I recommend a well lit window that is north or south facing for this plant.


This plant can be grown in water directly, this plant drinks a lot of water so never let the plant to starve for water always keep a watch and keep topping the water, if the quality of the water is bad then empty the water and pour fresh water, apart from water this plant can be grown in soil as well, if in soil then see to that the watering has to be done same as other indoor plants. care should be taken that the plant does not dehydrate. On the other hand to improve the beauty Jelly Marbles can also be used. Do not use tap water if your water is hard. Your Lucky Bamboo will do much better with distilled or purified water .


Generally this plant is affected by spider mites, especially in the winter . Also, keep your eye open for thrips, scale & mealy bugs.

Some points to keep in mind:

– Do not place your Lucky Bamboo in direct sun.

– Do not use tap water if your water is hard. Your Lucky Bamboo will do much better with distilled or purified water.

-Do not let your Lucky Bamboo dry out – keep the roots covered with water at all times.

-Do not keep the water levels too high – just covering the roots is fine.

-Do not place your Lucky Bamboo near a heating or cooling vent. Also, keep it away from any cold drafts.

-Do not let dust collect on the leaves because the pores need to breath. Periodically clean the leaves with a brush, damp rag &/or spray off with water.


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